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File:Barca.jpgFile:Before She Was Queen Adelaide Kane & Caitlin Stasey on NeighborsFile:Before She Was Queen Adelaide Kane & Caitlin Stasey on Neighbors-0
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File:Eka Darville 5th Annual Thirst Gala Red Carpet Arrivals The OriginalsFile:Eka Darville 5th Annual Thirst Gala Red Carpet Arrivals The Originals-0File:Elijah Mikaelson.jpg
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File:Eliza Taylor 9.jpgFile:Funny Deleted Scenes from Spartacus - In The Pit - Roaches and Mud - Andy WhitfieldFile:GIRL GUIDE Caitlin Stasey MTV FORA
File:Gaius Claudius Glaber.jpgFile:Gannicus.jpgFile:Glamor Magazine - Oct 2013.jpg
File:Glamour magazine.jpgFile:Good News Week - Caitlin Stasey mimesFile:HD Spartacus 2 Blood & Sand - Exposing Your Ludus - Behind The Scenes - -
File:Hayley Marshall.jpgFile:How to train like 'Vikings'File:How to train like 'Vikings'-0
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File:Live! With Kelly and Michael Interview “Vikings” TV Series Star TRAVIS FIMMELFile:Live! With Kelly and Michael Interview “Vikings” TV Series Star TRAVIS FIMMEL-0File:Live! With Kelly and Michael Interview “Vikings” TV Series Star TRAVIS FIMMEL-1
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File:Mary Stuart 3.jpgFile:On The Set Of The 100TH Episode XenaFile:Phoebe Tonkin.jpg
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File:Spartacus.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand - Gladiator Camp STARZ
File:Spartacus Blood and Sand 10.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand 11.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand 12.jpg
File:Spartacus Blood and Sand 13.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand 14.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand 15.jpg
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File:Spartacus Blood and Sand 8.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand 9.jpgFile:Spartacus Blood and Sand Crixus.jpg
File:Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp STARZFile:Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp STARZ-0File:Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp STARZ-1
File:Spartacus Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp STARZ-2File:Spartacus Interview Liam McIntyre!.File:Spartacus Vengeance interview - July 2011
File:Suicide Squad.jpgFile:TDot TV Lounge - Eka Darville, Actor in Mr Pip and The SapphiresFile:TV Guide Magazine Sep 16.jpg
File:TV Guide Magazine Sep 16 I.jpgFile:TV Guide Magazine Sep 16 II.jpgFile:TV Week Australia - Aug 2014.jpg
File:Teen Vouge - Nov 2013.jpgFile:The 100.pngFile:The 100 - Bob Morley on Bellamy & Clarke and Season 1's End
File:The 100 - Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan Season 2 Interview - Comic Con 2014File:The 100 1.jpgFile:The 100 2.jpg
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File:Todd Lasance.jpgFile:Travis Fimmel.jpgFile:Travis Fimmel Interview "Good Morning LA"
File:Travis Fimmel on the Success of 'Vikings'File:Twitter.pngFile:Vanity Fair - January 2013.jpg
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File:Vikings 9.jpgFile:Vikings Travis Fimmel & Clive Standen InterviewFile:Vikings Travis Fimmel & Clive Standen Interview-0
File:Vine.pngFile:Viva Bianca.jpgFile:Waikato Forum - Antonio Te Maioha
File:Waikato Forum - Antonio Te Maioha-0File:West Australian - July 2014.jpgFile:West Australian - July 2014 I.jpg
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File:‘Reign’ Star Adelaide Kane on Francis’ Indiscretion Casual Slap Across the Face Required Part 2File:‘Reign’ Star Adelaide Kane on Francis’ Indiscretion Casual Slap Across the Face Required Part 2-0File:‘Reign’ Star Adelaide Kane on Francis’ Indiscretion Casual Slap Across the Face Required Part 2-1